Love and life in two:

Aquarius' love life is sparkling in April 2019. You have intellectual stimulation, intelligent dialogues, and you are extremely provocative in dealing with potential partners. But recommends that you be careful not to leave the feeling that you are doing smart / smart.

Avoid verbal aggression or the need to impose your ideas, because the initial attraction can evaporate very suddenly and unpleasantly. Aquarians are encouraged to explore in April 2019 better ways to communicate in the couple; to be more open to exchanges of ideas and not so fixed in their own conception.
If you are alone and looking for a relationship, you do not have to look very far through other galaxies. Look more closely around you when you go through your usual roads through the city, or go to classes or take courses. An unexpected love or lightning attraction could get you out of boredom in the second half of April 2019.

Married Aquarius smuggles home, family. I feel the need to be spoiled by the close ones, especially after April 20th. It may be that many Voyagers feel the need for emotional approach of partner / partner, which is not exactly specific. As a result, pleasant surfers; and if the relationship with your pair has squeaked lately, the atmosphere is getting warmer and you find your connection from soul to soul.

Work and money:

Professionally, there are no major events in April 2019. It is rather a good time for planning, for a balance sheet, to gather your strengths to come back into contact with the inner resources needed for radical career changes.
It's not a good time to come forward but rather to act shyly, discreetly behind the scenes, or to decimate what has happened in your professional life lately.

You may have more business trips or more lively negotiations with a partner or business partner. recommends, however, to be patient and not to make hasty conclusions. It is time to revise your future projects. Starting April 10, 2019, Jupiter begins its demotion through House XI (groups, plans and aspirations for the future, benefits gained through the profession). As a result, you should review some of your collaborations and projects that until yesterday you were enthusiastic.

From a financial point of view, things are fine, especially in the first two decades of April 2019. But caution is advised, because you could be fooled into investing in something that is not worth or investing too much at once. It is not advisable to borrow for such matters.
Physical and moral:

The inner balance is more difficult to achieve in April 2019, and you could go through fluctuating and complicated states. Fortunately you enjoy emotional support from the family and good communication with it.

The power of concentration is not at the best odds and oscillations, especially in the second half of the month, between opposing ideas, between staying in the same environment and leaving. It's not the time for final decisions, but rather for prospecting to make you more comfortable.
After 20 April 2019, more attention is paid to health - especially to a predisposition to depression or melancholy. A chronic condition could have an unpleasant return, and it would be good to opt for in-depth investigations. Do not avoid hospitalization, if necessary.