Love and life in two:

Romanticism, poetry and sensibility interweave in April 2019 with passionate passions and pleasure to (conquer), seduce, play unobstructedly with Cupid's arrows.
Venus (the planet governing the Aries marriage partnerships and marriage) is in house XII until April 20, 2019. Therefore, you are inspired and encouraged to bring out the more vulnerable side, focus on forgiveness, conciliation and unconditional love - especially if you are part of an age-old marriage, eroded by time and discontent.

The sun (governor of the Aries love) can be found even in Aries until 20 April 2019, then Venus is taken by his place. Mercury (the planet of communication) also enters Aries on April 17th. So, the power of seduction is great and you stir the curiosity of others.
In April 2019, Mars (the master of Aries) transits House III. As a result, the best conditions are created to meet new people, to enter into new relationships. points out that single hens are very advantageous in April: they draw attention in a positive way and can have very special and special meetings.

In many couples there could be a soul reconnection and the healing of old wounds. If you are part of a harmonious couple, you might want to talk about the possibility of having a baby.
The April Transfers support you if you want to get rid of your routine with your loved one. You are inspired and provocative in this respect, and things reverberate into a passionate, stimulating, fresh.

Work and money:

In the first half of April, 2019 is quite quiet on the professional and financial front. You are rather in a planning, balance, and since April 17, 2019 you could have known your professional intentions. At this time, Mercury (the planet that governs Abe's work and health) enters Aries.
Located alongside Mars in House III, Mercury favors negotiations, qualification / retraining or specialization courses and commercial activities. It can be said that you know how to value your qualities. If you do not have a job or want to change the current one, recommends you to be active in researching job offers. Send your CV, present yourself to the interviews - the premises are very good.

On April 20, 2019 the Sun enters the second house (money money, personal resources), and Venus (the governor of this house) enters Aries. It would be said that revenue depends only on you, the way you present yourself and you represent yourself. The financial energy of this period is very strong and you can increase your income, perhaps through self-employment, by cultivating a hobby or personal talent.
Between April 19 and 30, 2019, many Aries may face an older career problem. This can no longer be avoided and you will need to show maturity, perseverance and realism to overcome the moment.
Pluto and Saturn are apparently retrograde in House X (career, socio-professional status, ambitions and success) at 24 and 30 April 2019 respectively. It would be appropriate to start reevaluating long-term projects and the direction you want to follow , leaving room for radical change. It's time to revise your strategies.

Physical and moral:

You feel like reborn in April 2019, with a multitude of planets in Aries, including Mercury - the planet that governs Aries' health home.
In addition, on April 5, 2019, you benefit from the time of the New Moon in Aries. Reinvite, renew the way you express yourself and present yourself. Impulsivity can be greater because of uncontrolled enthusiasm and the desire to do what you could not do last month.Physical energy can be very high, as well as mental energy. As a result, it is advisable to do more exercise and spend more time outdoors.