Astrologie si Horoscop 5

Astrologie si Horoscop

- Dragoste si Compatibilitate
- Profesia potrivitra pentru tine
- Evolutia afacerii tale in viitor
- Schimbari in viata ta personala si evolutia destinului tau


Horoscopul tau personal te ajuta sa afli zilele favorabile
si nefavorabile ale actiunilor tale in viitor

Intra in legatura cu Expertii nostri Astrologi si vei primi
raspunsurile inclusiv sfaturile de care ai nevoie.


Astrology & Horoscopes

Being an astrologer does not just mean doing a weekly, monthly or translating horoscope between asthmatics and humans, but I think an astrologer has another important purpose to explain the meaning of astrology itself, to bring light into ' ignorance'. In a fairly recent film, someone told the main character that too much knowledge could create chaos in the world, and the main character, very wise, replies that only ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge; like that I think it is, without knowing the truth about a subject, that subject lies somewhere in the shadows and creates confusion, and we all know that the problems stem from confusion and ignorance, so we better bring it to light.

Let's start with the source of definitions in Romanian, with DEX, to see what the dictionary tells us that it is astrology:

'Astrologers The art of deciphering and predicting destinies based on the study of the position and movement of ashes, constellations, or heavenly phenomena. - From fr. astrology, lat. astrology. '

It is a fair but succinct definition, and astrology encompasses more interesting aspects than stories. Yes, astrology is studying the movement of planets and other celestial bodies, their movement through constellations, that is, by zodiac. You can study these movements from several perspectives, first of all, the personal perspective, that is, the position of the planets from the moment of the birth of a person, and then the movement of the planets in that personal map. Another variation would be the general one, which generates the general horoscope, here we are not studying a person, but a zodiac, ie the specific movements for a particular zodiac sign, this is the general horoscope, because it is not a personalized analysis and it fits to everyone to a lesser or greater extent.

First of all, astrology is not a science, it has been for thousands of years in the past, but according to the latest standards it no longer corresponds to the conditions of a science, that is why the problem with its accuracy comes from. So far, I have not seen any astrologer claiming that astrology is 100% accurate and safe, and I explain to others that it does not really go 100% accurate in the foreseeable future, but can be as high as 80-90% which is still better than nothing or almost nothing. It seems that the latest findings show that mathematics is not so accurate, and physics may rewrite over the next decades ... so, what exactly is in this world, do we have something exactly, do we notice something exactly in our lives? It seems like a small part provides us with accuracy and security ... so I do not see a problem in the inaccuracy of this pseudo-science. Of course it is a problem when an astrologer speaks boldly, but in all fields there are people and people, we can not blame the realm itself, because somebody has no idea what he is talking about, and in the end we can all be wrong. Here is the interpretation factor, even if astrology is based on mathematics and astronomy, it is not based on fantasies of one's mind, which we generally consider to be exact domains, the interpretation is related to the human factor, which is not always accurate, so the margin of error is absolutely normal. In addition, it is based on the astrologer's view of his experience, there being cases where the astrologer can see his own frustration in the map of any patient ... but again, it is not to blame astrology.

Indeed, it is possible to decipher the destinies of men through astrology, past, present and future, but it also depends on the purpose of the person, if he calls an astrologer to find the future and when his great love appears or if he wants to know better and work at weak points or emphasize where he is advantaged. So astrology can be a great helper in someone's life, or it can be fun, without much advantage.

The question is often asked whether anyone can do astrology. Yes and no ... theoretically anyone can study astrology, it is like any other field with clear information and enough sources of study, even information for thousands of years since astrology began. Basically, from my experience with astrology, you need that 'but' as some say, which is actually the intuition, that helps you go beyond the stars and beyond the map you see in front of your eyes. Whoever can give a robotic interpretation of a map, from the information read from a book, is not difficult, but if that were the case, there would be no need for astrologers, because anyone could help alone ... but things do not stand is that so.

In conclusion, astrology can be a great help in clarifying our destinies, and why not have a look at the future and the possibilities that await us, or can be a source of confusion and complication of life ... it depends how we choose to we use each of us.

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