Love and life in two:

On the one hand, you are prone to dreaming and romance, to poetry and high love ideals; on the other hand, you are faced with older partner complications that now claim your attention.
Many of the married Crayers feel in April 2019 that they have made much effort to keep things afloat. It is important to know when to re-think yourself, when not to let yourself be taken over by your couple's authority. On the other hand, in some couples, a conflict may arise between Rac's predispositions to jealousy, addiction, possessiveness, and the need for their pair to impose limits.

Cats looking for a pair could be attracted by paternal / maternal protective figures, people with a lot of life experience, who could protect them, take their responsibilities on their shoulders. But signals that if you succumb to the temptation you could make a big mistake. Transits of April 2019 encourage you to assume your own choices and directions in life, including relational ones.
At the end of April 2019, both Pluto (April 24th) and Saturn (April 30th) affect the Cancer zodiac in a seemingly retrograde way, opening a long period of time when you will have a lot of work to do for your marriage or for a loving relationship you want in the long run.

Work and money:

The New Moon of April 5, 2019 takes place in the careers' home, success and socio-professional reputation, and gives you the energy needed to enter a new stage in the professional plan - or to choose a new direction in life. But things do not move as fast as you want. recommends that you do not force them and give you planning time.
In April 2019, Mars (the planet that governs the career and socio-professional ambitions of the Races) transits house XII (sacrifices, isolation, but also healing). In addition, Jupiter, resident in Cancer VI's home (work and health), appears to be retrograde on April 10, 2019. As a result, on a professional level, it would rather be a period of reassessment and reassessment long-term strategies, reorganization of work, or even prospecting the labor market to change the job.
It could help you retraining, but also volunteer work, charity, promoting the rights of those who can not defend themselves. These altruistic gestures, loaded with love and compassion, could make you more visible on the social scene than anything else. This is how unexpected opportunities can arise at a professional level.

Physical and moral:

With Jupiter retrograde through the home of health, you could expect all sorts of nasty symptoms, but also the returns of colds or other (not necessarily serious) illnesses that you have not treated properly lately.
Take your time to review your eating habits and make more movement when you feel that intimate agitation is excessive. With Mars in House XII, the flow of thoughts and concerns could have grown, requiring long periods of rest, and reorganizing priorities.