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The vision of events, people and places in space, but in real time, is a classic case of clairvoyance. The subject feels like a viewer at the cinema, witnessing dramatic situations in which he can not intervene. He can overcome the time and space barriers and can understand, before his fellow men, the magnitude of a phenomenon that unfolds far from himself. We all have presences and we all use intuition. Not a few times, maybe we had the feeling that something is happening, but without understanding what.

The clairvoyants are able to see with the eyes of the mind concrete images and clear symbols, they can understand what they see and live strong emotions, even if they are not involved in that event. These visionaries should not be confused with the riddles in books and in the crystal globes, nor with false prophets. A true clairvoyant will not "consult" the future of the order and will not ask for money for the information he conveys. His extrasensory capabilities are spontaneous and, most of the time, triggered by tragic events that endanger people's lives.

The word "clairvoyance" comes from French, where "clair" means "clear" and "voyance" means "vision". Those who have this gift of clear vision are called clairvoyants. True Brave Masters are spiritual people who spend most of their lives communicating with spirits, lead a frugal existence, and keep away from the worldly goods that only pate and inculcate their spirit and ability to communicate with the extrasensory world

Clearers have a special understanding of the past, understanding acquired through their paranormal abilities and contact with the person whose past is descibed. In addition, clarity may be medium. They communicate with the spirits of those who are not, and can find out what they felt before they died and why they died. Clarvision is a remote view. Thus, physical contact with the person in question is not necessarily necessary in order for a clairvoyant to be able to decipher problems. People who use sensory capacities and who can interpret the energies of objects are not clairvoyant. By simply communicating with a person with problems, the clairvoyant has access to the energies that have influenced his past and can influence his future.

When the clairvoyant decides to appeal to spirits, he enters the trance. Transa is the ability to communicate with corporal or intangible entities to receive information from them. Transes can be profound, in which case they can be dangerous to the clairvoyant as it breaks almost completely from the material world, and the return is difficult; and light tranches, where the awareness of the surrounding world is greater and therefore does not cause such difficulties. Depending on the problem he needs to solve, a clairvoyant may appreciate whether he needs to enter a deep trance or not. What benefit can extrasensory communication make for the person requesting it? First of all, looking at aspects of the past that he does not understand. Secondly, information about the present, information that the surrounding spirits hold, but which are not accessible to us. And last but not least, tips for the future. Concretely, the clairvoyants can help:

- find the remedy for a disease that affects you and which doctors can not cure;

- I can tell you when you meet the soul mate and how it will look;

- who to protect and who wants the evil;

- what to do to make your business thrive.

In a world where we are more and more torn by ourselves, where we fall prey to temptations and forgotten, the clairvoyants help us to restore our inner balance and bring us in contact with the spirits that have influenced our past and which already I know the future, so we can have a better life.

Prediction (prediction) or fortune telling (fortune-telling) is the description of actions and events that will take place in the future, as well as their results. In antiquity it was called an oracle. Predictors claim to be based on supernatural phenomena, but they are unleashed and unsafe. By contrast, the forecast, which also provides for the future, is based on scientific methods. People who assert themselves that they can predict the future sometimes succeed in acquiring a good reputation, but they do not guarantee the correctness of subsequent predictions.