Suna acum si intra direct in legatura cu unul dintre Expertii nostri,
si vei primi raspunsuri la intrebarile ce te framanta.

Suna acum si intra direct in legatura cu unul dintre Expertii nostri, si vei primi raspunsuri la intrebarile ce te framanta.

Consiliere Tarot

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Tarot Counseling

What is the Tarot? What is his true origin?

Tarot books are mentioned in the old stories, books and documents, parchments and artifacts of the sec. the thirteenth century. It is likely that his origins were in India, Iran or China and were brought to the west by Gypsies, Crusaders, or Arab invaders of Spain.
D. Wirth dates back to the time of Carol VI, without really knowing where the models he drew. Most researchers, however, agree that there is collective wisdom that goes down to the oldest times, enshrined in the tradition that the Roma have preserved. The Tarot Mystic combines astrology, numerology, symbolism, and occult to reveal the past, the present and the future.

Reading the Tarot makes you look at friendship and life situations in a different way, suggesting an odd change and positive changes. The more you believe in the Tarot, the more secrets, answers and details you receive. This old divinatory method gives us access to the higher levels of consciousness and understanding of one's own being.

The Tarot is the summary of ancient occult science. It's the synthetic summary of it. It is used, as we have seen, as a game to prophesy. But for hermetic philosophy it is, above all, a subject of high meditation. The Tarot embodies the wisdom of ancient Egypt, Celtic pagan traditions and Dante's symbolism. The word Tarot has its root in "Tarrock" or "Tarrochi", a name given to the card game in Europe since the 19th century. XIV century.

The best known are the Marseilles and Rider-Waite Tarot.
The Rider-Waite Tarot is the classic book of cards, much more known and widespread around the world. It contains 22 major archers and 56 minor archers and books, a total of 78 books. It is suitable for any kind of divination, especially for questions in uncountable or mystical fields, according to any field of everyday life. Dr. Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942) studied occultism. He wrote the first book on the symbolism of the Tarot in 1910. The Waite Tarot dates back to the early 20th century.

The Palladini Tarot was created by David Palladini, a 25-year project until it was completed. Palladini created this booklet as "a bridge between ancient times and the future," using medieval, Egyptian and modern elements, with the intention of giving birth to an introspection tool, "a mirror of the evolution of each and every one of us." It contains 22 major archers and 58 minor archers, a total of 80 books.

The Cat People Tarot - This kind of tarot was created by Karen Kuykendall, based on a fantastic avant-garde painting. This booklet is the perfect tool for dreamers and idealists, a special way to divine creativity and human imagination

The William Blake Tarot - Explore in particular the mystical and artistic vision of English painting and poetry. This pack of tarot cards finds the most answer in exploring related issues

A characteristic feature of the Tarot is that, although it has gone through so many centuries, the fund has changed very little. Changes have as object the details of the form and betray only the artist's fantasy. So it can be said that the Tarot was transmitted to us more deformed than modified. To his esoteric and symbolic side, all attention must be directed and research directed. In order to better understand it, it is necessary to possess general knowledge of Kabbalah, astrology and also a knowledge of the number esotericism. According to Fabre d'Ollivet, the word Kabbala, which designates the tradition, means "what has been received elsewhere and hand-in-hand" ... the creative productions of the individual with artistic volumes.

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