Love and life in two:

Jupiter (the planet governing your house VII: Relations and Marriage) begins to demotivate in Gemini on April 10, 2019. Because demotion takes place just in House VII, by August 12, 2019 Gemini have all the time in the world to revise their partnerships part. If you are married, points out that it is time for a balance sheet; find together with your pair solutions to grow together to make the relationship flourish.

Jupiter's retrogradation could be a good opportunity for some Gemini to reconsider their marriage or divorce plans. The past can inspire you; can be an endless source of wisdom. Also, a former partner or a former partner may try to get back into your life.
Although the social sector is well-activated by planets in April 2019, most of the Gemini themselves are more prudent in starting sentimental relationships. But they get an important boost on April 19, 2019, when the Full Moon is the moment that activates House V (love, flirting, adventures) of Gemini. This impetus is emphasized by the fact that Venus (Governor of House V) enters April 11, 2019 in House XI (social relationships, friends, groups). As a result, a lightning attraction may be born. For some of the Gemini, this unexpected attraction might point to an older love affair.

Work and money:

With Mars fresh in Gemini, you are full of energy, exuberant, eager for independence and novelty. If you do not become too impulsive, too aggressive and disorganized, you might even get a good impression on the job; you might be able to stand out among colleagues in group projects.
If you are looking for a job, you know exactly how to place yourself at the top of the rankings made by employers. If you're thinking about choosing to work independently or for a business on your own, the premises are very good - just that you need to adjust your expectations. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the progress, but you will perceive that what you do is not enough, not thankful.

With Jupiter retrograde in House VII starting April 10, 2019, you can not say that your associations or collaborations benefit you. recommends reevaluating current associations and deciding whether some of them should be completed.
From a financial point of view, it is significant that Pluto and Saturn are apparently retrograde on April 24 and April 30, 2019 in House VIII (common resources, credits, taxes, taxes, and passive income). As a result, if you expect money or want to recover debt, do not expect spectacular progress.

Physical and moral:

Mars Transit in Gemini gives you a lot of physical and mental energy, but it could also awaken in you agitation, nervousness and impatience. You could get tired of yourself by jumping from one to the other or you might have aggressions.
If you suffer from a chronic condition for a long time, it may come back to your attention and you should contact a specialist. You will receive very good advice and you have every chance of finding a doctor to guide you through exploring the emotional and spiritual causes of your sufferings. There are also Gemini who may receive indications of radical medical interventions, but it would be better not to hurry for it in April 2019 unless they are real emergencies.