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It's no accident that lately Cartomancy is becoming more and more popular. Because of the hardest living conditions, more and more people are aware of cartomancy strenght. Where do cartomancy originate, where and how did the playing cards appear ... there are just a few of the questions we want to find answers to.

Books Used in Divination?

Although it has been practicing for some years, the guessing in books finds its origins in the fifteenth century at the court of King Charles VI of France. The legend speaks of a sincere love affair between the king and a young woman named Odette. This, with the desire to drive the King's insanity cries (King Carol VI is known to have mental problems) thought to entertain him with some cartons that were used for amusement in the land of the Saracens. Odette hired a painter who dealt with the picture of the books, drawing exactly what was ordered. These colored cards will become, what we call today, gambling cards. The only difference between them was the drawings, the figures. The people were represented by the image of some outstanding personalities of the world: David, Caesar, Carol the Great, or Alexander. In the face of the ladies appeared the goddess Athens, Isabella de Bavaria (wife of the king), Judith and Odette. Valets were represented by great heroes such as Hector, Lancelot, Hogier and La Hire. With the passage of time, Odette learns the meaning and symbol of the playing cards, amusing the king with guessing in books.

Even after centuries, guessing in books turns out to be one of the most often used ways of finding out the future. Interpreting game cards can only be done by "connoisseurs", people who have been attracted to cartomancy science and have easily learned the symbols of books. Although "what game cards say" can not be scientifically proven, numerous examples have demonstrated the veracity of guessing in books, have made this science more and more popular.