Love and life in two:

April 2019 begins in a romantic and passionate note; erotic life is more intense for most lions. Most Lei feel the need to pay more attention to intimacy and deeper communication, from soul to soul, with the loved one.

Larger lions are more advantageous or involved in older, more stable relationships. In the last decade of April 2019, the Lions who are part of the old couples feel very close to their pair and are in the process of developing together new plans in the long run.
If you are at the beginning of a relationship, you can easily be misled by the charm of an erotic person who can also take your shirt off if you are not careful.

With Mars in transit through House XI, your social life is very active, and you might have the chance to be friends with someone from abroad. recommends that you do not rush things-yet for a platonic relationship.

Jupiter, living in his own home in the V House of the Lion (love, flirting, sentimental adventures), begins to retrograde on April 10, 2019. By August 2019, it would be good for the Lions to revise their way of expressing affection, in which they offer, how they understand to build a love affair.
If you've wanted too much or too fast lately, it's a good time to take things slower, take a snapshot of what you've been living on sentimentally since November last year. Thought could be used for old love, transformed with time into friends.

Work and money:

The situation is still on the financial plane, now that Mercury is on the go. You could discover ingenious methods to pay a series of debts, but you can also unlock a number of funds or funding to develop your business. Be careful not to get caught in dangerous financial games, especially in the first half of April 2019. recommends avoiding financial speculation, gambling, large investments, and any initiative that requires you to get involved financially on a large scale.

From a professional point of view, you enter into a fast-paced period from 20 April 2019, when Sun (the Leo governor) enters X (career, success, socio-professional reputation). You become very visible and you can benefit from a promotion, recognition of merits and - why not? - maybe celebrity. This will also be reflected in financial terms.
At the end of April 2019, Pluto and Saturn began to retrograde in House VI (Work and Health). As a result, despite success at work, all sorts of problems, obstacles and delays may arise, or you may suddenly feel overwhelmed by what you've just taken for yourself confirm or impose your authority.Reorganize yourself, find a way to better manage your time!

Physical and moral:

Health requires more attention from you in April 2019, especially if an older affection comes back to attention. Some Lei might have some drastic diet that they kept, though it did not do well. Try not to repeat the mistakes of the past. It is not advisable to take on more professional responsibilities, but to honor those that you already have, so you do not get exhausted.
After April 24, 2019, with Pluto and Saturn retrograde through the home of health, you should pay more attention, deal with physical and emotional balance.