Love and life in two:

The New Moon on April 5, 2019 will activate your House VII (partnerships, marriage) inviting you to improve your relationship with your life partner. You could come together in a new stage of life in two, or you could try to assess whether the way marriage works prevents you or not, to evolve.
Ideally, it would be to support each other both in what you proposed together and individually. There are also Balances that in April 2019 decide to marry or take on more responsibilities in the couple.

Beginning with the second half of April 2019, Mercury (April 17th) and Venus - the Governor of Balance (April 20th), will be coming to house VII. As a result, appreciates that Balances have no problem in conquering, seducing, attracting the attention of potential partners, or recapturing your loved one.
On April 17, 2019, Mercury enters a reciprocal reception with Mars (the planet governing the Balance Partnerships that is in House IX). Thus, Balances alone could find their mate in another country, in the academic environment, or perhaps during a trip abroad.
On April 20, 2019, the Sun begins its transit through Balance's house of intimacy, so the erotic atmosphere suddenly revives, becoming stimulating for you and your partner.

Work and money:

The Balance House remains well-activated by Mercury (until April 17, 2019), by Venus (until April 20) and by Neptune. If you are interested in a job abroad, you might find something interesting or you could take your studies to increase your chances of getting a better paid job.
If you have business on your own, the New Moon on April 5, 2019 opens up your ability to associate yourself. The list of favorites could be a friend or a group of friends. Balances that want to start activities that involve counseling or public relations are more advantageous.
Transit in the first half of April 2019 suggests that you could find foreign partners or that you could develop successful long-term projects abroad.
Financially do not worry; you are easily attracted by the support of your life partner, your family, or perhaps financing if you are developing your own business. But you should try to avoid financial dependencies, try to get away from your parent's home (if you stay with your parents) and find your way of life and financial independence. Not by another, but after April 24, 2019, it's possible to tell you that the money ... is pocket money.

Balances that have a house in work or have to repair or renovate may enter a more difficult time after April 24, 2019, when Saturn and Pluton are apparently retrograde. indicates that you may find that your initial costs are significantly exceeded, and you need to redo your calculations or suspend your work.

Physical and moral:

If last month the health problems seemed tangled or untrue, things are now clearer and you are still more confident that you have no serious problems.
You may come across a better specialist who will unravel the mysteries of your symptoms or analyzes that have raised questions. However, it is not advisable to lie down on one ear and fall to the other extreme: to take things too easily. Listen to the specialist's advice, follow treatment without voices!