Love and life in two:

Love and Relationship is your center of interest in April 2019. There are many decisions to take, but above all emphasizes the importance of understanding whether your love affair is balanced enough.
In the first two decades of April 2019, you tend to be more centered on yourself and your needs and desires, and the couple can reproach you. It is certainly a great need to make you heard and appreciated, to explain what your expectations are; but be open to what your mate wants. It might also reproach you for making promises without cover or for letting you carry dreams, far from concrete.

In the second half of April 2019, the loved one could become more reluctant - he needs to feel that something really worths for you.
Single fish may have a tendency to rush into any kind of relationship or to speed up a barely-established relationship. Mercury's Transit (April 17, 2019), and Venus's (through April 20) transit through Aries support Shy Fish, who want to take the first step in addressing a person who likes them or declare their feelings in a newer relationship that seems to work very well. Take care, however, because intuition is still playing to you!

Work and money:

Jupiter, present in House X (career, ambition, and socio-professional status) - a house he governs - is apparently retrograde on April 10, 2019. Until August, Pisces have all the time in the world to rethink their career direction , to review their long-term projects and to find new strategies for professional growth.

If you are not satisfied with what you are doing now, the profession, the environment in which you work or the opportunities to promote, reorient yourself! Perhaps there is a need for a specialization or retraining course and it is certainly necessary to change the perspective on the idea of ​​success or career. It is the best time to move on to an activity that you really like and to represent you.

From a financial point of view you could have very pleasant surprises. The New Moon of April 5, 2019 takes place right in the house of labor money and personal resources. encourages you to look for new sources of income or set more realistic financial goals.
Some Fish may benefit from an increase in earnings, but this does not happen effortlessly. It depends on you, however, how you handle surpluses, because you might be tempted by impulsive shopping. More fish strapped with money could be helped by the pair of life.

Physical and moral:

Fish Tonus is also very good in April 2019, especially in the first half of the month. You feel strong and conquering, but take care of a predisposition to expect too much from you and the others! You may have some ugly disappointments, but at least you will come to life.
From the desire to be in the center of family attention, you could stir conflicts; but you could also stir up a stream of memories and / or strong emotions. He talks about them, but not aggressive and not accusatory. If you want to change your direction in life, you will need family support.