Love and life in two:

The Sun is found in House V (love, flirting and sentimental adventures, children, and creativity) until April 20, 2019, when Venus is taken by the planet of love. But Mercury (the governor of the Sagittarius Partnership House) will be home to love since April 17th. As a result, whether you are alone or married, you are expecting a particularly sentimental period - a time that will bring you joy and life-giving pleasure.

Amorous life is re-energized. It's your adventure, flirting, play, conquering and retreating. For many Sagittarius, the great love ideals are reappeared, the desire to be part of a relationship that has a deeper meaning and brings them to knowledge and discovery. The life partner can take you by surprise with romantic gestures; gives you more attention or could talk about the possibility of having a baby.
Mars (Governor of House V: Love) is found in Sagittarius VII (partnership, marriage). signals that a fresh blossoming love in the spring can quickly make the way to civil status. Or the person you conquer is immediately dreaming with the wedding ring, though you do not want to be serious stuff, but just for fun and good will.

Work and money:

Jupiter, who lives in Sagittarius (his home sign) begins demotion on April 10, 2019. You may be leaner or, on the contrary, exaggeratedly energetic - which can cause tangles and discontents in both your professional life and your personal life .
Some Sagittarios may be more recalcitrant if they are made suggestions or given orders, even by those entitled to do it. However, with many planets in transit through House V, you enjoy creativity and inspiration, especially if you have independent activity. points out that in the second half of April 2019 you could successfully promote a product, make yourself known. On April 20, the Sun enters the Sagittarius' work and health house, opening up new possibilities for development and professional change. If you are not happy with what you are doing, re-qualify or prospect for work opportunities outside the country.
With money, you do not just sit on roses, and you might end up regretting some spending somewhat unprepared in the past. Some Sagittarios may keep their income teeth in somewhat selfish and limiting way.

However, it is advantageous for you to share with others, to invest with others or to be careful if you can attract investment and support for the ideas you want to put into practice.
After April 24, 2019, Pluton and Saturn are relegated to the home of personal income and resources, so money is more difficult than usual.

Physical and moral:

Because Jupiter (Sagittarius' governing planet) is starting retrograde on April 10, 2019, your energy level could oscillate. It is possible to move from hyperagnost to laziness, from enthusiasm to laziness.
Mercury's transit through the IV house (until April 17, 2019) and Venus (until April 20) could also contribute to this. Emotional reconfiguration is favored - you could have all kinds of discoveries about yourself, some not necessarily pleasant. But in the end you will feel free of burdens, and your soul will go to healing.