Love and life in two:

The first two decades of April 2019 are under the sign of romance, poetry, desire and adventure. The life partner manages to regain your attention and trust, and older couples can go through a period of revival, passion and flirtation. The great love ideals and the desire to take love from the physical level to something deeper. Many Scorpions may well understand the role of sexuality altogether. Some may even understand the sacred nature of sexuality.

Mars (the traditional governor of Scorpio) is found in House VIII (secrets, intimacy). It could be a good time to discuss more sensitive topics that cast a shadow on your relationship. It could be the time when the great truths, the big grievances are being uttered, precisely in the attempt to give a chance to relations that do not work well than perhaps in appearance.
If you are alone, but secretly in love with someone, recommends you to take advantage of transit through 20 April 2019 and declare your affection. Or, you could take the first steps to address a person you like very much.
Also after April 20, 2019 Scorpions wishing to get married might talk about this subject with their beloved person - they could launch a claim in marriage or be asked for marriage.

Work and money:

The Sun (which governs the Scorpions career and their socio-professional status) is located in house VI (work and health) by April 20, 2019. To get to the top of the hierarchy, you have to start from below and make great efforts. It may be that many Scorpions feel at this time that they are at work from the bottom; that they have tasks that are below their level of training, especially if they opt for a new job.
If you have your own business, it would not be bad to motivate your employees with the power of personal example and work with them to show them what you want to get from them. If you're hired and have the impression that the boss is always watching your eyes, he thinks it's your chance to demonstrate what you can, demonstrate your skills, your practical and organizational spirit.

From a financial point of view, things could happen in April. Jupiter, who is in his own home in House II (working money, personal resources), begins his retrograde transit on April 10, 2019. This does not mean that you do not earn enough, but that income is harder or that purchasing power decreases. recommends a reorganization of spending priorities. But you could also look for alternative sources of income, especially if you have credits or other types of debt.

Physical and moral:

The New Moon of April 5, 2019 activates Scorpio House VI (Health), supporting the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle: changing diet or living.
Also find time for rest, to relax and pamper your body after very tiring and tense times of work. If you have an older health problem after April 5, 2019, look for a new specialist - maybe even outside the country; seeks a new approach, new treatments, new healing methods.