Love and life in two:

The social life of Taurus is very active in April 2019, which can be particularly beneficial to couple life, but also to Taurus who are looking for a love affair. You have great chances to meet interesting people and you want to make the poet out of you, but there is a predisposition to dream of green horses on the walls, to make you illusions too soon about the future of a flirting or a relationship that has just begun. recommends that you first focus on building a friendship, then things can evolve to something more passionate.

Take your spouse, wherever possible. In addition, it would be good to have time for romantic evenings in two or for couple activities, which allow reconnection of the soul without the interference of others.

Mercury (the planet that governs the house of Love and Sentimental Taurus adventures) enters the XIIth house, followed on April 20 by Venus (the planet governing Taurus). These transits favor the love balances and the moments spent in two away from the unleashed world, but they can also preach secret relationships that tend to complicate.

Pluto (the modern governor of the Taurus Partnership House) begins to retrograde in Taurus on April 24, 2019, and opens up a long period in which it is recommended to revise the principles by which you build relationships, reevaluate long distance relationships, or strive to reconcile your principles with those your pair.

Work and money:

April 2019 favors group activities, joint projects, and admission to socio-professional groups to provide you with more career opportunities. Voluntary work does not spoil, especially if you do not have a job or want to change your current job. From word to mouth, while giving help to those who are overwhelmed, you could get value and get paid or even unexpected job offers.
For most of the Taurus, April 2019 is favorable to exploring the possibilities of the future and updating of higher ideals. recommends caution during periods 9-11 and 26-29 April 2019, when you want to be delighted about working with some friends or the benefits you should get from your professional activities.
You could try to be more present in the online environment, promote yourself better on social networks or work on an online page to represent you. Update your resume, if applicable, and check if it's visible.

From a financial point of view, things are clearer, though you may be tempted by spending too much. Intuition helps you greatly in managing the resources you have and organizing your work so you get more with less effort.

Physical and moral:

It could be said that in April 2019 you have a lot of "ruminate" in your inner body, and this could lead to a tendency to eat too much in unsuitable hours, or because of stress. To relieve your anxieties , most Bulls are automatically heading to the refrigerator without being really hungry.
On 20 April 2019 the Sun begins its journey through Taurus, and you will feel more energized and unexpectedly more confident in the future. Make time for yourself, heal the soul and recharge the spirit, because on 20 April 2019 Venus (Taurus governor) enters house XII - a house associated with isolation, with sacrifices, but also with the subconscious and healing.