Love and life in two:

Mercury, the governor of the Virgin, transits the Homes of Virgo's marriage and marriage, accompanied by Venus (until April 20) and Neptune, until April 17, 2019. Relationships with others teach you many things and you can find your balance and peace with your life partner.

Last month's communication difficulties collapse, leaving room for constructive dialogue, good understanding and future plans. Virgoes who are involved in distance relationships feel closer to the partner or find solutions to reduce that distance.

However, caution and caution is advised as to the predisposition to let go of illusions or the predisposition to idealize your partner / partner. signals that Virgins who dream of marriage might make too much and unjustified hopes for that.
At the same time, transit in April prompted forgiveness and reconciliation where couples' life was troubled by conflicts and quarrels.

Single maidens have greater chances to meet someone interesting in the first half of April 2019. At the end of the month, however, Pluto and Saturn, in the house of Virgo's love, seemingly go retrograde. Things are harder or harder - especially because people around you perceive you as too strict, too cold, too closed.
Unofficial relations could enter into a long period of revision; unpleasant discussions can resume, but could have a transformative role on you and your beloved person.
Work and money:
Careers, ambitions, and the desire to achieve something in life are backed by Mars' presence in House X; but you have to make an effort to fulfill your dreams, nothing comes to fruition. But you are more prepared to defend your interests, the cause, to make yourself heard; you're more combative and convincing, you're lighter as a leader. Be careful, however, that your attitude may be perceived as aggressive by those around you!

Carefully choose your words and be careful not to talk, not to reveal too much about your life or others in the public space. signals that it is also possible to have some denigration or to re-create an older conflict with the boss.
From a financial point of view, in the second half of April 2019, you could get help from your mate and get rid of a debt that stresses you. You could also benefit from opportunities to join or make an investment with someone. But you could also have a control from the tax.

The Full Moon on April 19, 2019 will activate your financial houses and mark the moment when you end up paying something or a predisposition to spend too much.
After April 20, 2019, you could much more easily get the resources needed to develop your career.

Physical and moral:

Until April 20, 2019, you tend to be more secretive and indoors, or you are going through a period of inward transformation that may be difficult to bear. These may generate a disposition toward irritation and agitation. Self-control is necessary because, you want, you do not want, you get into situations where you feel exposed. After April 20, 2019, you could help relieve and balance trips, readings, studying and / or reconnecting with your spiritual dimension.